How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming Digital Marketing

Ai for Digital Marketing

It’s 2019, and everyone has come a long way in terms of technology. The most popular one is AI (Artifical Intelligence), It has a strong impact on our life in the form of chatbots, smart devices, robotics, and self-driving cars. All of these are made to fulfill the customer’s needs and preferences.

What AI is?

AI is the science that deals in building smart and intelligent machines, capable to think and respond like a human. Many organizations are learning AI for making applications

How AI is transforming digital marketing

A few years ago, marketers were reluctant to join hands with Artificial intelligence (AI) in building their marketing strategies but now after knowing the benefits and results of AI, they are enticed to use AI in their marketing. They seem more confident and courageous using AI.

The contribution of intelligent tools and more reaching range has enticed them to use AI in their businesses. Initially, the use of AI as a marketing technology was limited to only large scale business but now a day’s small businesses can implement AI algorithms to generate better results.

AI has completely replaced all human efforts and it has proven to be very effective in businesses. They help you to save time and money.

AI is becoming popular because

  • It has increased work efficiency and has been proven to be more accurate and resulted in fewer errors.
  • It has analyzed deeper data.
  • With its smart and useful algorithms, it can be added to the various smart devices i.e. GPS tracker, home automation systems, Internet in things, and voice assistants, etc
  • It can self adapt due to its learning algorithms.
  • With its ability to analyze data and read from it, AI is constantly transforming and revolutionizing industries.

Including banking, medical and marketing, several industries have a high demand for AI.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the future of AI in digital marketing

How AI has joined hands with Digital Marketing

With its exceptional ability to analyze data and the ability to adapt to input, AI has taken the human roles of identifying marketing trends and making strategies. Marketers and brands are leveraging more on AI digital marketing to save more time and money.

How It Helps To Boosts Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Following are few ways in which AI boosts digital marketing efforts

Helps To Understand Better Audience

AI can analyze data and the buying behavior of your customers. It helps you to drive relevant traffic, acquire new customers, retain your old customers and increase sales.

If you are a business owner or a marketer, it’s the time to identify and provide solutions to your business problems                    

Better user Experience

Data extracted through AI can be used to provide your audience with what they need.

Effective Marketing Strategy

It helps you to create a more effective marketing strategy for your business with its data-driven analysis.

Increase in Productivity

You can automate the numbers of repetitive tasks using AI algorithms. This will help you to save time and will result in more productivity.

Increase in ROI

It improves decision making and also helps in creating content. Through the implementation of the right strategies, you can reach out to the right audience offering them the deals they can’t refuse.                                                                                                                                         

Here Is How You Can Use AI to Process Your Customers Need


Chatbots are a major example of the use of AI technology. They help you to engage with your customers, in a good way. Chatbots can be added to your websites, apps, emails, and text messages. You can use chatbots to respond to your customer’s queries. They can instantly answer the most asked queries by customers. They are very helpful in improving customers’ experience through communication in a human way.

For example, Sky has used Artificial intelligence and has implemented a machine learning model.

It is designed in such a way that it automatically recommends content according to the viewer’s mood.

Another example is facebook messenger. They have integrated chatbots feature in messenger to improve customer service for business.

Benefits of chatbots:

  • Reduces wait time for customers
  • They are available 24/7
  • Results in overall customers satisfaction
  • Fewer chances of errors
  • Add Good Humor

Content Generation

AI is capable to write own posts based on the opinions or can create good advice for a specific industry. However, there are certain areas in which content created by AI can be very useful and will help to attract visitors to your website. It will help you to save time and resources.

Based on data and information, AI can create reports and news

For example, Forbes is creating its news using tools like Articiili, Thinglink, Pixabay, Quill, and Wordsmith. These are intelligent tools that create content. They lead the reader to click on their website.

Marketers need to create and optimize their web content as the way of searching content has been changed.

With Omniglot.AI instead, the approach is different: thanks to our plugin you can automatically generate content in 9 different languages that are SEO optimized. For example, let’s say you have 5 posts in Spanish. With just a few clicks you can create 5 posts in French, 5 in English and 5 in Dutch that have a great quality thanks to our machine learning algorithm that doesn’t only use the best translation technology but that combines it also with the best grammar and spell check technologies on the market.

Voice search, RankBrain and Google’s algorithm are the latest AI advancements.

Other advancements are

·       Google Home

·       Apple’s Siri

·       Microsoft Cortana

·       Amazon Echo

These things have made people’s search very easy by just pressing a button you will get the desired action.

Web Design

Website making without the help of a programmer and designer was impossible but through AI you can make your website through the use of GRID, that are using AI to do work based on your provided images, texts, content, call to action. They can make a good looking website in just a few minutes at a very affordable price.

Sales Forecasting

Sale forecasting is the process of predicting the sale of the future. The AI in digital marketing has completely taken over tradition management and marketing. It has taken a marketing strategy to the next level by analyzing consumer engagement and communication channels.

AI in sale forecasting benefits is:

·       It has doubles forecasting accuracy

·       AI sale forecasting is increasing in integrations with CRM systems.

·       Resource allocation has become smarter

·       Correct revenue forecasting

·       Better strategy making and future planning

·       Man and machine collaboration to accomplish a goal and sustain growth.

Marketers are using extracted data to answer difficult questions and for making decisions.

It answers,

·       Is the customer ready for a meeting invite?

·       Either you should send an email to prospect or not?


AI has been proven to be very helpful and beneficial in the advertisement area. Let’s take the example of Google ads. They are using machine learning and artificial intelligence to find relevant visitors to perform the desired action. For doing this task they completely analyze users’ information like what they have searched most, what they have liked most, their demographics, and other aspects and detect their interests.

AI and Machine learning have enabled people to work through areas that were impossible to connect. The birth of AI has given several benefits to Digital Marketing and has increased profitability, productivity, and efficiency.

As a marketer or business owner, it’s time to identify your problems and to find intelligent solutions for solving those issues. AI has the power to do it all for you. All you need to do is to know your business needs and requirements.


Whether you are ready or not AI is becoming more and more part of our personal and professional lives. Especially in marketing. As every new trend, artificial intelligence is now full opportunities and if you will decide to be one of the early adopters the benefits will be probably uncountable.

So, what are you waiting for?

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